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Gunn (IMS) Technique and

traditional Chinese acupuncture

At Scorpio we very highly rate the use of needling techniques in injury prevention and treatment.

Perhaps confusingly, our therapists have gravitated towards different approaches using the same "tools of the trade". Different techniques will suit different conditions and different personality types. However, all our needling techniques share one thing in common: very thin needles are used without any medication (ie. "dry" needles) to achieve their aim.

Conditions which can be treated by dry needling

Western Acupuncture

At Scorpio we use two Western methods of acupuncture: Gunn (IMS) Technique and Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling both of which target Myofascial Trigger Points.

Western acupuncture, or dry needling is not at all the same as traditional acupuncture. Traditional acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, whereas dry needling is a western medicine technique, which needs to have a medical diagnosis and is based on a clear scientific understanding of its effects.

What is a Myofascial Trigger Point?

One researcher has described it as a "local energy crisis" within the tissues. It is a nodule within a taut band of muscle tissue which forms as a result of spontaneous electrical activity. It is thought to be associated with dysfunctional neuromuscular end plates (i.e. the part of the muscle where the motor nerve delivers the electrical charge necessary to activate that muscle).

Trigger Points

An active trigger point spontaneously refers pain or other phenomena to areas of the body away from its actual site.

One study has shown that MTrPs are present in anywhere from 21% to 93% of individuals with regional pain.

Typical characteristics of MTrP pain

Patients will typically describe their pain as

Other features which are commonly found in muscles which contain MTrP 's:

Trigger Points

How can Myofascial Trigger Points be diagnosed?

No laboratory tests or diagnostic imaging (xray, MRI scans, etc.) have been found to be useful in establishing diagnosis.

Physiotherapists make the diagnosis based on their findings in the history and clinical examination of the patient.

Chinese Acupuncture

Chinese acupuncture promotes health by balancing the flow of Qi within the body's meridians or energy channels.

Central to traditional Chinese medicine is the concept of Qi. Qi is the life force or vital energy which flows throughout your body. In a healthy person the Qi flows smoothly around the body. However if this flow is disrupted for some reason then illnesses can occur. The flow of Qi can be disturbed by, for instance, wind, cold, diet, drugs, emotional states such as fear, anxiety, stress, hereditary factors and trauma.

Acupuncture corrects the flow of Qi by the insertion of very fine needles into specific points that lie on the channels of energy, stimulating a healing response and helping to restore the body's natural balance, health and vitality.

Its focus is on improving the overall well being of the patient as well as specific symptoms to recover the equilibrium between physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual.

'Illness may be identical but the persons suffering from them are different' Hsu Ta-Ch'

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How much will it cost?

Each session is charged at £60.00, whether it is the initial assessment / treatment session or a follow-up treatment, with shockwave, pilates and men's health packages by arrangement. Find out more about private medical insurance cover...

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