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WINBACK Tecartherapy

WINBACK Tecar Therapy: a physiological bio-accelerator

WINBACK Tecar Therapy is a physiological bio-accelerator which reinforces the physiotherapist’s actions, combining their manual techniques with WINBACK energy.

Practical Rehabilitation

WINBACK Tecar Therapy provides a range of unique treatments for acute and chronic conditions with very few contraindications. Talk to your physiotherapist and your doctor about it to benefit from a treatment which is tailored to your condition.

Injuries cause bruising and can be immediately treated to restructure the damaged tissue and stop the inflammatory process. In any pre-operative phase, effusions and oedemas may be reduced to facilitate surgery. In the post-operative phase, therapeutic complications can be diminished. After a competition, a deep massage with WINBACK equipment effectively relaxes the muscles which have been strained by intensive effort. It can restore the bio-mechanical structure more quickly and give muscles back their tone.

Examples of Therapeutic Applications

Winback back

What Is Tecar Therapy?

Tecar therapy was developed by French practitioners in the mid-1990s. It is a medical practice that applies electromagnetic energy to biological tissues by using non-invasive high frequency current. Tecar Therapy activates microcirculation and improves oxygenation in the muscular fibres, accelerating the natural processes of cellular exchange, repair and recovery. During your session with WINBACK Tecartherapy, you feel a gentle heat, deep and relaxing. The majority of the patients report a reduction in pain and improvement in function at the end of treatment.

Winback shoulder.33SAZ treatment

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How much will it cost?

Each session is charged at £60.00, whether it is the initial assessment / treatment session or a follow-up treatment, with shockwave, pilates and men's health packages by arrangement. Find out more about private medical insurance cover...

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