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Dana has just attended a third fascial stretching workshop at the Jing Institue of Clinical Massage ... These were all part of the advanced Myofascial techniques course. It was a fun experiential workshop where they revisited Tom Myers anatomy trains , using tape on their bodies to create a visual and proprioceptive experience of each fascial line. They then were creative with designing stretches for each line, some therapist assisted and some for clients to self stretch at home and at work. Dana also recently attended workshops on positional release - a technique which offers a great release without the stretch on fascia, by putting the tissue / joint in an position of comfort and adding a bit of compression to give the brain a message 'it's okay to let go' .... The first work shop in the series was all about fascial unwinding, a super potent emotional and physical form of fascia centred release!!! All were taught by the super experienced Rachael Fairweather and her team at the Jing Institute of clinical massage. Spreading the fascial revolution .....!

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